Snapchat adds selfie filters for cats

Snapchat adds selfie filters for cats

Snapchat, the photo sharing app has announced that the augmented reality selfie filters now work on cats.

Previously in Snapchat, the facial recognition technology could apply filters to only human and some breeds of dogs.

Now cat lovers, owners can use Snapchat’s lenses to decorate their pets with slice bread, glasses and hats.

The announcement came after the parent company Snap reported the number of users using Snapchat on a daily basis had dropped.

Between April and June, the number of daily users dropped by 3 million to 188 million. 
Snapchat is not the only company developing "face recognition" that works on animals.
In September, Sony announced it was developing autofocus technology that worked on animals, to make sure their eyes appeared in sharp focus.


Kaže Snapchat: Try with your cat.
Ja: Okej.

Was not disappointed.

— Ana Hotko (@AnaHotko) October 12, 2018