Meet Rekha Mishra, the cop who single-handedly rescued 434 Kids

Meet Rekha Mishra, the cop who single-handedly rescued 434 Kids

Meet Rekha Mishra from Mumbai, India, a RPF officer who rescued 434 children in last one year alone at Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station.

Most of children she rescued were from 13 to 16 aged groups, most of them were from UP and Bihar districts from India.

When we asked Mishra about how you figure out who needs to rescued, she said the children who are running away from their home will mostly get down in the final destination of that train.

She also added most of the children she rescued are missing kids those who took wrong trains and kids who are running away from their home.

She also added “I can easily figure out the peoples who are all on those categories”. 

Whenever is on the duty, she always looking for the children "who are vulnerable, and looking for people to assist them."

She said that these children are not criminals they are victims who need someone to protect them.

She also added, most of the kids who are all in these situations were mostly sexually abused, we got so many complaints filed like this.

So, it’s our duty to take care of Children who are vulnerable, standing lonely in railway stations, bus stations.

However, they could trace the parents of only 28 children out of 434 kids. The Remaining kids were handed over to the Child welfare Organisations.

Rekha Mishra now works with a team of members who are trained to take of these children keeping their best interest in their mind. 

One of the team member from this Community Committed Development Trust said that “After medical tests, and following procedures like making entries with and filling up documents at station manager’s office, we take the child for further investigation.

We try to find out their parents so we can send the kids home. Or we have to send them to the remand home in Mankhurd or Dongri.”

We asked those kids why you ran away from your home like that most of the kids with eyes full of tears they said that their parents don’t take care of them, some kids said their parents don’t even provide foods and all.

Parents must take care of their children, they are precious.

Since the beginning of this year, Rekha Mishra rescued more than 100 children. Senior officials also mentioned that they are in the process of recommending her for awards for this wonderful duty of saving 434 kids.