Alcohol kills 260,000 Indians every year: WHO Report

Alcohol kills 260,000 Indians every year: WHO Report

260,000 Indians were lost their lives in road accidents and liver cancer by consuming alcohol every year, WHO says.

World Health Organization’s (WHO) released this statistics reports on Friday by underline the link between the alcohol and health problems, promoting health experts to demand a national alcohol control policy in the lines of the tobacco policy.

Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, oral surgeon from Tata Memorial Hospital said, “As health is a state subject, various states follow different rules”.

If the legal age limit for consuming alcohol is 25 years in Maharashtra, it is 18 in Goa.

He also added “It is time for a Central law to standardize norms for alcohol use across the country”.

World Health Organization report says Alcohol kills around 6000 people every day across the world. While 28percentage of these deaths are from road accidents, 21 percentage are due to digestive disorders and 19 percentage due to cardio vascular diseases, cancers, mental disorders and other health conditions. 

Every year almost 100,000 deaths occurs in India roads are indirectly linked to alcohol use. 

Another 30,000 deaths among cancer patients every year are directly linked to alcohol which was long ago declared as Group 1 carcinogen by WHO. Every year 140,000 deaths occurs due to liver cirrhosis, the biggest health problems posed by alcohol use.

Dr Monika Arora of Public Health Foundation of India said, “Heavy episodic (binge) drinking’ among teenagers is one of the gravest challenges highlighted in the report”.