A Man From India Worshiping Trump Everyday by Using His Photo

A Man From India Worshiping Trump Everyday by Using His Photo

Meet Bussa Krishna from Telangana, India who starts worshipping Trump as a God after he was pained by the killing of Srinivas Kuchibotla in an alleged hate crime in USA.

For Bussa Krishna, US President Donald Trump is God.

Bussa Krishna, a 31-year-old small farmer from a remote village in a Telangana district IndiaHe kept Trump Photo in a Puja room and he worships it every day along with other Hindu God’s.

a man from india worshipping trump everyday by using his photo

He offers turmeric, vermillion and flowers to Trump photos and at the end of the prayer he do “aarti” for Trump Photograph.

One of the software engineer from his district named Srinivas Kuchibotla who worked in US was killed by a US navy veteran in an alleged act of crime in February last year.

He said,” “I was very much pained at the incident. I thought the only way the US president and his people could understand the greatness of Indians is to display our love and affection towards them. That is why I started worshipping Trump with a hope that the prayers would reach him one day”.

He also added “I believe Indians can win over anyone with their spiritual powers. When you cannot take on a mighty person directly, you can win over him with love and worship and that is what I am doing”
Ironically, Bussa Krishna does not know much about Donald Trump.

“I only know that he is the most strong and invincible leader in the world. What I liked about him was his bold attitude. Since he took part in World Wrestling Federation (WWF) competitions, he must be very powerful”, he said.

Krishna regularly posts photographs of him worshipping the Trump on his social media accounts.
“Nobody took me seriously and some people even called me a mad fellow, wondering how prayers in a remote village would reach Trump. But I have a strong faith in what I am doing,”

Krishna even claimed he got a message from Donald Trump on Twitter on June 19.

“Krish from India is a very close friend of mine; out of the billions and billions of Indians, he is my favorite. He’s able to channel dragon energy from worshipping my photos; maybe low-energy Jeb Bush should give it a try; I’d be happy send him a pic! See you soon Krish!” the message read.

The message could not be independently verified whether the message was genuine or not.

“I am extremely happy to receive a message from Trump. I am sure he will remember me if he comes to India,” he said.